Special Projects by groups of artist or solo projects

Project Porsche Legend 964

Project Porsche Legend 964 3D Concept Art presents, Legend 964. A project interview with Djordje Ilic about the making of a small short of a Porsche Legend 964 . Djordje Ilic is a 3D generalist, with specialization in lighting and is from Serbia. 3D Concept Art presents a special projects interview...

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Project Pause, 2017 Opening Title

Project Pause, 2017 Opening title 3D Concept Art presents, Pause. A project interview with Mike Zeng about his opening title for Pause festival 2017. The event is hosted in Melbourne, Australia. He tries to convey a feeling of isolation between human and their environment in this CG opening title. He...

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Project Futurama 3d

3D Concept Art presents, Futurama 3D. A personal project interview with Alexey Zakharov, he is from Moscow, Russian Federation. He created a sequence with the expectation to discover the retro-futurism of Futurama. Trying to find the same mood and touch of Futurama series in his short sequence. He is...

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