Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2019

Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2019, a really fun experience as always. From studio presentations to artist presentations and interviews. During the ZBrush summit 2019, did Pixologic unveiled some of their work in progress tools and new features in development for ZBrush. Some of the new features are Xtractor and XtactorDragRect which helps out on duplicating surface details. Other new features are Revert changes clothing with HistoryRecall. For 3d fabrication are Draw Draft Analysis display a new feature. They are some new tools for adjusting colours of Polypainted sculpts and so on.

Pixologic hasn’t addressed on which version these new features will be part of or update. The current version is 2019.1.2 and is available for a cost of $895. Please check the video about development for further information.

  • The article will be updated as the presentations and interviews are released to the public and other announcements.
Pixologic Zbrush Summit 2019

ZBrush development presentation

Live Sculpt-off

Artist presentations and interviews

Presentation: Zhelong Xu
Presentation: Rafeal Grassetti
Presentation: Maria Panfilova
Presentation: Gilberto ``Soren`` Zaragoza
Interview: Coming soon...

Studio presentations and interviews

Presentation: Ubisoft Montpellier
Presentation: Hasbro Toys
Presentation: Keos Masons
Presentation: Tippett Studios
Presentation: Elastic
Presentation: The Satellite Studio
Presentation: Carvel Creative
Interview: Coming soon

ZBrush Summit Awards

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