Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2017

Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2017, a really fun experience as always. From studio presentations to artist presentations and interviews.

  • The article will be updated as the presentations and interviews are released to the public and other announcements.
Pixologic Zbrush Summit 2017

Live Sculpt-off

Artist presentations and interviews

Presentation: Dan Katchner
Presentation: Cki Vang
More Presentations coming soon!!
Interview: Dan Katchner
Interview: Cki Vang
more Interview coming soon!

Studio presentations and interviews

Presentation: EA MOTIVE
Presentation: XM Studio
Presentation: Ubisoft
Presentation: Bungie
Presentation: Marvel Studios
Presentation: Guerrilla Games
Interview: EA MOTIVE
Interview: XM Studio
Interview: Ubisoft
Interview: Bungie
Interview: Marvel Studios
Interview: Guerrilla Games

ZBrush Summit Top tips on 4R8

ZBrush Summit 2017 Closing Ceremony

What do you think of ZBrush Summit 2017 ?

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