Jose Manuel Linares Lopez – Weapon Modeling Timelapses

Jose Manuel Linares Lopez, environment, props and character artist. He shows in his timelapses his process and different techniques when modeling different types of weapons in a very structural way. Which is easy to understand and follow, a more educational approach. He uses Softimage Xsi for 3d modeling. Jose Manuel Linares Lopez uses a polygonal modeling technique and shows his process from blocking out shapes and forms to the final model.

Level 1

He states that in level one (1) of his process, he blocks out the forms and shapes, using larger forms for fitting the overall concept.

In the early stages he already starts to make holes into the geometry for later on refining and adding more resolution to those parts. By either beveling or adding more edges. Also by deleting faces or adding basic primitives, like pentagons, octagons for holes. Making holes in exiting geometry is always a little more complicated when it comes to polygonal modeling.

Level 2

On the level two (2), he starts adding general shapes, completing shapes from the blocked parts. Tightening parts by adding more resolution and creases. And changing some of the forms. He also adds more holes and additional detail.

Level 3 and 4

On his level three (3) and level  four (4), he begins to add more final details, like cloth, straps. Additional objects to the model, like screws,bolts and different bolean forms and holes for the final detailing.


This is a very fast workflow and works very good for production. As there some limitation sometimes to polygonal modeling. When for example working with boleans and making holes or abstract forms. So for making a good model for production you need to think about a clean model with a nice edgeflow.

By adding boleans also means directly that it’s often a need to retopologizing those objects, depending how well that algorithm has worked together with the part involved. So by adding boleans can save a lot of time but can add undesired polygons and also break your edgeflow. So this is very important to understand. They are some limitations by working with boleans. And alls depends what your final goal is, is it for personal work that don’t need to go further down the pipeline, then it’s perfectly fine.

If it’s for production you will have to retopologize it. If it is for games for you will need to think of the polygon and triss count. Either way it’s always good to think about the edgeflow of your models for making accurate and well done components. Those can later on be used as a part of your own kitbash kit and will function even better with clean topology. As an unclean mesh can not only have undesired effect on your mesh but also in your lighting. So keep it clean!

Jose Manuel Linares Lopez - Weapon Modeling Timelapses
Jose Manuel Linares Lopez - Weapon Modeling I Timelapse
Jose Manuel Linares Lopez - Weapon Modeling II Timelapse
Jose Manuel Linares Lopez - Weapon Modeling III Timelapse

Jose Manuel Linares Lopez – environment, props and character artist


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