The Elder Scroll Online Trailers

The Elder Scroll online, developed by the team at ZeniMax Online Studios and publisher Betheseda Softworks. They Wanted to show the world of The Elder Scroll with some really fascinating visions. For this, they choose well known AKQA and Cinematic masters Blur Studio.

I the other hand, as the teaser was developed with the cooperation of also a well known studio, Imagenary Forces. A creative studio that has been around since the 1996. Betheseda Softworks made a team that could make things impossible happen.

The Elder Scroll online trailers are showing  what next gen graphics are capable of.  Also those epic minutes of intense drama shows really what a enormous effort have been put into this trailers. From concept, animatic, previs to very polish models simultaneously animation and mocap to rendering with Vray with a combination of thinking particles and rayfire.

As the compositing was made in digital fusion. The trailers became stunning visuals with magnific sounds from Shoreline Studios. As the dramaturgy followed very well where Ebonheart, Daggerfall and Aldmeri Dominion’s warriors race to claim Cyrodiil, it poses The Elder Scroll Online Trailers as one of their kind in the cinematic world.

The Elders Scrolls Online - Teaser
The Elder Scroll Online - The Alliances
The Elders Scrolls Online - The Arrival
The Elders Scrolls Online - The Siege
The Elders Scrolls Online - The Confrontation
The Elders Scrolls Online - FX Breakdown

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