Alessandro Baldasseroni

Alessandro Baldasseroni showreel for 2013

Alessandro Baldasseroni is character modeller, he has worked in the industry for about 14 years (fourteen). He was born and raised in Milan, Italy. His first experience came as a game developer for different AAA games, such as Moto GP 2007, SBK 2008, Racing Evoluzione and many more. He is now employed by Blur Studio as a Lead Character artist.  And focus in high resolution modeling for film, commercials and videogames including texturing, lighting and illustrations. Alessandro current location is in Los Angeles, California.

He uses softwares like Pixologic ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk 3Dsmax for his creations. Alessandro has been involved in several well known cinematic projects like Mass Effect 2 (Game Cinematic) 2009, Star Wars – The Old Republic (Game Cinematic) 2010 and Batman Arkahm Origin (Game Cinematic) and several other projects. He has been credited over 32 projects working with different types of characters and has also been involved in Kevin Margo`s Construct, modeling one of the characters.

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