Adam Sacco - 3D Chimp

Adam Sacco – 3D Chimp Timelapse

Adam Sacco, provides services for indie and AAA video games, animations, prototyping, illustration and concept art. He shows in his timelapse his process and different techniques when making a 3D Chimp.

Adam Sacco uses a sculpting technique and shows his process from blocking out shapes and forms to the final model. His goal is a realistic 3D Chimpazee for animation production. Where he use Zbrush, made the hair in Ornatrix and added a biped rigging in 3Dsmax. Finally, he renders with V-ray and composite in Photoshop.

Adam Sacco - 3D Chimp Timelapse

Adam Sacco – 3D Artist, working with animations, prototyping, illustration and concept art


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