Q & A with Hooman Rahati – The Winner of The Mecha War Challenge

3D Concept Art presents a Q & A with Hooman Rahati about The Mecha War Challenge. He is a very talented artist specializing in characters and creatures, he is a 3D generalist. He submitted one model to the contest and made a very good effort with a very complex Mecha, he was able to take the first place in the challenge.

With a pleasure, 3D Concept Art presents the first place winner of The Mecha War Challenge, Hooman Rahati.

Hooman Rahati
| 3D Concept Art: Tell us about you and how did you become interested in the art of Hard Surface Modeling and, Robots, Mechas, and overall 3D modeling?

| Hooman Rahati: → Well, I’m currently living in Iran and have been in the CG scene for about 8 years. I always dreamed of bringing my toys to life when I was a kid and I guess maybe that’s why I got into this profession to make that dream finally happen.

→ I love modeling creatures and characters, and the mecha war challenge was a pretext to try hard surface modeling for a change and the results were actually satisfying to me.

| 3CA: You came on the first place in The Mecha War Challenge, how has that affected your interest of 3D modeling/sculpting and has the tools you won helped your further development in this field?

| H.R: → Of course, I got super excited with the results of the challenge, and I was further motivated to pursue my path in 3d modeling. And the prizes are truly amazing! I’ve wanted some of them for a long time now and now I can finally try some of the ideas that I’ve had in my mind for some time.

| 3CA: When you joined the challenge, what were you first thought on how to be able to deliver an interesting concept and as well finding a uniqueness with the specification added in the challenge?

| H.R: → Actually, at first, I didn’t have a clear picture of what I was going to deliver and looked through a ton of references and picture slowly started to shape in my head.

| 3CA: Tell us about your concept idea and which parts was the most challenging ones when trying to create the vision you had?

| H.R: → Well, my aim was to create a solid robot using hard surface techniques, and also at the same time very close to the organic structures of a human body. It was challenging for me from a to z, especially the final image and the feel that it conveyed.

| 3CA: What is your advice when it comes to being part of International challenges like The Mecha War Challenge?

| H.R: → First of all, they have to work really hard and also with passion. second of all, they should look through the work of prominent artists a lot to finally be able to see things the way they do.

| 3CA: What can we expect more from you in future and see more of?

| Hooman Rahati : → Well, I’m back to character modeling and now I’m currently working on hair systems as a new thing to add to my works. I’m really looking forward to how it’s going to turn out!

→ At the end, I have to thank the 3D Concept Art community for this opportunity. We should have more things like this to inspire young artists and hopefully push the talented ones forward in their carriers with generous and super helpful prizes from 3D Concept Art community and sponsors.

Congratulations to the first place in the Mecha War challenge. 3D Concept Art Community is very pleased with your creation and in behalf of the sponsors involved in this challenge we congratulate you for the effort and the art. Keep working hard and be a creator of imagination.

Hooman Rahati – 3D Generalist

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