Vitaly Bulgarov – Atom-Eater Robot Timelapse

Vitaly Bulgarov is a Concept designer, 3D Modeller, and Visual Development artist. Currently located in California working in for different companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Oakley, LucasFilm’s Industrial Light & Magic, Intuitive Surgical and Intel.

He shows in his timelapse his process and different techniques when modeling and sculpting Atom-Eater Robot inspired by the well known Anteater.

He uses Softimage Xsi for 3d modeling but also 3Dsmax and ZBrush. Vitaly Bulgarov uses in this timelapse, a mix of both worlds polygonal modeling technique and sculpting techniques with insert brushes. He shows his process from blocking out shapes and forms to the final model.

Level 1

In level one (1) of his process, he builds a 3D Blockout of a primitive in ZBrush using Dynamesh. Vitaly blocks out the forms and shapes, using larger forms for fitting the overall concept.

In the early stages, he start making the block out and finds the fitting shapes and forms of Anteater. He spends time in his process to try to find the right silhouette. Further on in his process, he starts doing refinements and adding lines to add depth and additional space upcoming parts in later levels.

Level 2

On the level two (2), Vitaly starts adding IMM Brushes from his own kitbash library, Ultraborg. Testing and placing different parts, adding Cyber Muscles that are of more organic shape. Changing scale and fitting the overall shapes of the Anteater with no attention to detail.

Level 3

On Level three (3), he starts adding different types cables and connections to the different part added in level two (2). Finding the right places, that gives the right impression and complexity to the model. I this part he starts thinking of functionality on how it could move with the help of pistons and caps. Continuing a trial and error process, where design and functionality finds an equilibrium. He adds different types of frames to the whole body. Later on he converts the body shape model into quads using Zremesher.

Level 4

At level four (4), he brings back the model into Softimage for adding additional detail, like the “eyes” and tail. He continues adding detail and enhance the details further in the tail area, like creases and extruding. Later on, he imports another kitbash library with heavy joints and actuators for build up the mechanics of the legs, combining different object to fulfill the expectation of a robot-leg for the Atom-Eater. He continues adding armor parts, cutting and extracting, to make new armor parts, Roboguts, and also deleting unnecessary polygons.

Level 5

And level five (5), he begins to adds more final details, like armor, piston and caps. And additional objects to the model, for the final detailing. In this level, he finalizes the integration between different objects and rounds up with polishing the Atom-eater.


This a very nice workflow and very fast for concepting. By integrating different types of Kitbash libraries, Vitaly extends the personality of the Atom-Eater, as well adds the needed complexity to the model. Ending up with a realistic an approach of a “Radioactive Waste Cleaning Robot”. With 12 hours of work, this fantastically detailed Organic Robot is stunning. There is no right and wrong in which approach you end up with as long it gets you there. Also, it’s about what you feel comfortable with. This approach is very good for fast deadlines and for concepting.

Vitaly Bulgarov - Atom-Eater Robot Timelapse

Vitaly Bulgarov – 3D Modeller, Concept Designer and Visual Development Artist


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