Q & A with Sina Pahlevani – Second place of The Mecha War Challenge

3D Concept Art presents a Q & A with Sina Pahlevani about The Mecha War Challenge. He is a very talented artist specializing in concepting, he is a 3D generalist. He submitted one model to the contest and made a very good effort with a very complex Mecha, he was able to take the second place in the challenge.

With a pleasure, 3D Concept Art presents the second place winner of The Mecha War Challenge, Sina Pahlevani.

Sina Pahlevani
| 3D Concept Art: Tell us about you and how did you become interested in the art of Hard Surface Modeling and, Robots, Mechas, and overall 3D modeling?

| Sina Pahlevani: → My name is Sina Pahlevani . I’m from Iran and live in Tehran. I’m 29 and graduated as Graphic Designer in 2009. I started my work as advertising designer but suddenly decided to follow my old passion for 3D Art. I worked as modeler, renderman, animator and compositor for some years. Now I’m a 3D generalist artist in a game studio in Tehran.

→ About robot and mecha… usually, boys love robots!
I love robots since I was a child , and now with 3D software, I can bring out my imagination and make them real on a digital canvas.

| 3CA: You came on the second place in The Mecha War Challenge, how has that affected your interest of 3D modeling/sculpting and has the tools you won helped your further development in this field?

| S.P: → That was the first challenge I took part in and winning the second place in the challenge gave me a further boost to my passion for creating more artworks. The tools and software that I received, of course, they can be really helpful for my progress. These are of best tools that every artist needs them for better outcomes.

| 3CA: When you joined the challenge, what were you first thought on how to be able to deliver an interesting concept and as well finding a uniqueness with the specification added in the challenge?

| S.P: → There were two key points in my mind when I started this project . First , my robot should be practical and second it should have human-like anatomy.

→ Then I started to sketch . During the sketching, i decided to broke the symmetry and add some eye catching variety. I thickened the left hand to give a heavy duty feeling to it. Also, I added one more joint to knee to give a feeling of more agile and power, considering the robot’s weight and size.

| 3CA: Tell us about your concept idea and which parts was the most challenging ones when trying to create the vision you had?

| S.P: → The most difficult part was making unique form and personality for my character. I wanted it looks trustful and dignified. it’s hard to create shapes that convey exact feelings that should be felt.

| 3CA: What is your advice when it comes to being part of International challenges like The Mecha War Challenge?

| S.P: → Well… my best advice for ones who want to take part in such challenges doesn’t forget anatomy study and pay attention to all steps from concept to modeling ; material ; lighting ; rendering ; color harmony ; composition and etc. these are like the pieces of your car engine ,and if any of them are damaged the engine won’t start.

| 3CA: What can we expect more from you in future and see more of?

| Sina Pahlevani: → I’ll prepare me better for the next challenges 🙂

Congratulations to the second place in the Mecha War challenge. 3D Concept Art Community is very pleased with the challenge as of your creation and in behalf of the sponsors involved in this challenge we congratulate you for the effort and the art. Be a creator of imagination and keep it up!

Sina Pahlevani – 3D Generalist

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