Q & A with Angel Alonso – Third place of The Mecha War Challenge

3D Concept Art presents a Q & A with Angel Alonso about The Mecha War Challenge. He is a very talented artist specializing in concepting, final art and 3D illustrations. He submitted two models to the contest. And made a very good effort, he was able to take the third place in a even battle. He got a few more points than Patrick Razo.

With a pleasure, 3D Concept Art presents the Third Place winner of The Mecha War Challenge, Angel Alonso.

Angel Alonso
| 3D Concept Art: Tell us about you and how did you become interested in the art of Hard Surface Modeling and, Robots, Mechas, and overall 3D modeling?

| Angel Alonso: → I’m a big fan of science fiction. I’ve always liked the robots, spaceships, futuristic suits. With the appearance of Zbrush, I started to make my first attempts in hard surface and I was perfecting my technique. I feel much more comfortable working within ZBrush with my hard surface models.
Prior to modeling low poly into 3Dmax, but honestly, I do not really like the low poly.

| 3CA: You came on the third place in The Mecha War Challenge, how has that affected your interest of 3D modeling/sculpting and has the tools you won helped your further development in this field?

| A.A: → I’m pretty loyal to the tools that I use regularly. However, there are new tools, which show surprising results. For example, I have seen several examples of how it works substance painter, and It look awesome. I am looking forward to trying when I have time… So keep always evolving.

| 3CA: When you joined the challenge, what were you first thought on how to be able to deliver an interesting concept and as well finding a uniqueness with the specification added in the challenge?

| A.A: → I drew attention to the three participants of the jury, they have a similar style. Like the mechanics view, cables, joints, ball joints…

→ Everything is in sight, and out of the robot. So I found that interesting, then i decided instead to do something in my style, where the mechanic is on the outside view, but part of an internal structure that is not seen.

| 3CA: Tell us about your concept idea and which parts was the most challenging ones when trying to create the vision you had?

| A.A: → It really depends on the design. Sometimes it is difficult to make the head because it is perhaps where I devote more effort to do. But surely, all parts have a high level of work.. It’s difficult when you know you have a hard competition. Everything must be a little more thought out.

| 3CA: What is your advice when it comes to being part of International challenges like The Mecha War Challenge?

| A.A: → It is the first time I participated in one of them. I’m not very fond of challenges. But I think you have to take it as a job in which you have to invest much effort. And looking forward to not end up exhausted and leave unfinished models, that is something that can really happen. And if you don’t win anything, it’s even worse experience. but see it as training exercise and development of yourself.

| 3CA: What can we expect more from you in future and see more of?

| Angel Alonso: → Right now I’m trying to combine 2D paint and 3D modeling. I think when we do a 3D concept, we have a disadvantage with a painted concept. You can make a 2D concept, based on speed paint in just 2 or 3 hours. But it’s very hard, that you can do that in 3D at that time. Create a 3D model, well finished, it requires much more time. Sometimes when they see my pictures, passionate about, and want that in that time, it is very difficult to do that.

→ But when comparing the cost of making a 3D image with what it costs to make a concept speed paint painted, they are big differences depending on the level. The customer is never aware of that. They want 3D, but with the price and speed of 2D. I’ve been offered large, international projects to make concept with the level and finish of my images. But when we talked process time and cost, we do not reach an agreement. It also happens that when allowed to do a 3D image, then they ask 3d models for use in animation (and within the same price, without more cost to them) But my 3D models are not prepared for the animation. They are just models for working, for presentation. That’s something customers do not always understand… So I’m pretty focused on combining various techniques from now for concepts.

Congratulations to the third place in the Mecha War challenge. 3D Concept Art Community thank you for your involvement in this challenge. We are very proud and in behalf of the sponsors we congratulate you for the passion and art you made in this challenge. Keep the fantasy living and be a creator of imagination.

Angel Alonso – Concept Artist and Final Art

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