Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2015

Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2015, a really fun experience as always. From studio presentations to artist presentations and interviews. With very talented artists like Furio Tedeschi, Ian Joyner, Neville Page and many more. Where they show skill-set and giving appreciated pieces of advice on how-to in different topics. As well, the presentation from Riot Games, Disney Interactive, Sideshow and many more, showing different productions techniques and approaches.

There wasn’t any announcement about new incoming features to the current ZBrush 4R7 or about the ZBrush 5. But another good news is that Keyshot will be adding Keyshot Pro to the ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge. The cost will be 400$ and for upgrading from the HD version to the Pro will cost $200. What the Keyshot Pro for ZBrush will include is not stated at the moment.

  • The article will be updated as the presentations and interviews are released to the public and other announcements.
Pixologic Zbrush Summit 2015

Live Sculpt-off

Artist presentations and interviews

Presentation: Rick Baker
Presentation: Neville Page & Glenn Hetrick
Presentation: Joe Peterson
Presentation: Jason Martin
Presentation: David Giroud
Presentation: Scott Eaton
Presentation: Ian Joyner
Presentation: Jerad Marantz
Presentation: Furio Tedeschi
COMING SOON! Interview: Rick Baker
Interview: Neville Page & Glenn Hetrick
Interview: Joe Peterson
Interview: Jason Martin
Interview: David Giroud
Interview: Scott Eaton
Interview: Ian Joyner
Interview: Jerad Marantz
Interview: Furio Tedeschi

Studio presentations and interviews

Presentation: Keos Masons
Presentation: Disney Interactive
Presentation: Riot Games
Presentation: MPC
Presentation: The Mill
Presentation: Sideshow Collectibles
Interview: Keos Masons
Interview: Disney Interactive
Interview: Riot Games
Interview: MPC
Interview: The Mill
Interview: Sideshow Collectibles

ZBrush Summit 2015 Closing Ceremony

What do you think of ZBrush Summit 2015 ?

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