3CA The Best Advices From Interviewed Artists Round Two!

The best advices from interviewed artists round two!

In this article we have added all the interviewed artist best advices. This article will updated time to time.

Please read these useful advices from well known artist in the industry, from Lee Souder, Peter König, Chung Kan and many more. It may open thoughts on how to get better and get into the industry. Those advices may help you out in the future in many different ways.

The best advices from interviewed artists
| 3D Concept Art: Any good advices for artists and students who want to get into the business in different specializations?

| Lee Souder: → First of all each CG company looks for different types of artists and styles. So do not get discouraged if they do not like your design style. For example, I would not expect to get hired to work on WOW. Now a days 3d art is as popular as pencil and paper sketching. It is easy and anyone can model. So keep in mind what makes you a unique modeler?

1.To give you an edge research color theory, design principles etc. Or take other design courses
2. Just like any other company, people hire ones that they know. In other words befriend EVERYONE in your classes.
3. Most modelers major in 3d and minor in something else. For example; hand painted textures, shader coding, scripting, concept art, animation etc.
4. You do not exactly need a degree but take classes to meet other people and brush up on skills. The first thing we look at is your online portfolio.
5. One motivating quote I keep replaying in my mind is “I am a content consumer or a creator?”

Lee Souder

| Hasan Bajramovic: → Hmmm, I say just keep doing your thing. Keep at it and be your own best critic.Post works on forums and ask for feedback… when you get it learn from it and try to correct your mistakes.

I learned everything I know from forums and doing research. Build up those connections!

Hasan Bajramovic

| Peter König: → Study the real world, real animals, plants, anatomy, traditional, classical painters and sculptors, everything. Try to make things with your hands before you move completely to computers. Keep getting your hands dirty making real things even after you have a 3d job. Try not to ‘only’ look at other contemporaries in your field for inspiration. Also look at the Old Masters of painting and sculpture, photography, old movies, everything you can get your hands on. Try not to follow trends Try not to limit your focus to your specialty, your niche. The broader your skill set and wider your interests, the deeper and more authentic your 3d creations will be. And it’ll help you stay employed as well.

Peter König

| Chung Kan: → Focus on the fundamentals first from traditional arts like drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. Having a strong art foundation will only make you a better digital artist. 3D applications and all those fancy complex Softwares are just tools just like a pencil or paintbrush which only just helps convey your artistic creations. 3D, in general, is very broad with many disciplines in the pipeline from modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, fx, etc. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to learn everything, definitely explore them all to see what suits you best, but focus on just one or two disciplines, especially if you’re interested in film or cinematics work. Most positions are separated out into their respective specialities.

Chung Kan

| Damir G Martin: → Regardless of the field, be passionate about it. Frequent online forums dedicated to computer graphics, post works, comment other people work and join discussions.
Produce art and upload it to those forums. Try and get people to criticize your work. Take the critique and use it to become better and improve. Don’t get offended by critique. Try and avoid arguing with people online, it’s stupid. Spend as much time as you can producing models and illustrations.

Spend as much time as you can working in the software of your choice, at least 5 or more hours a day. Try and create something new each week. If that’s not possible, try and have something new each month. Any less than that is insufficient. Work, work, work, practice, practice, practice.

Damir G Martin

| Alan Van Ryzin: → Focus, focus, focus pick one thing and do it obsessively and do it the best.

Alan Van Ryzin

3D Concept Art Community thanks everybody involved for sharing their advices and for giving us some guidance. Design and Iterate, and be a creator of imagination.

The best advices from interviewed artists round two! What do you think of the artists advices?

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