Q & A with Hasan Bajramovic

3D Concept Art presents an Q & A with a very talented Character artist specializing in High resolution models for cinematics and games, Hasan Bajramovic. He has been around for about seven (7) years working in production of short and feature films, advertisements and games. For companies like Blur Studio, Digic Pictures, Inet-Design and many more.

He has been involved in several interesting projects, some of them are Skylanders Video Game Cinematic, FarCry 4 TV Spot, Game Cinematics/Cutscenes for Activision Publishing’s Call of Duty ®: Advanced Warfare video game.

He uses frequently his talent to make concepts and illustrations, both traditional and digital as a freelancer. Hasan Bajramovic is a multi-skilled artist also working with texturing, shading and lighting.
His work has been published in different international publications like 3d world magazine, 3d artist magazine, Expose nr 10 and 11 and Digital Art masters nr 9.

Hasan Bajramovic
| 3D Concept Art: Tell us about you and how did you become interested in 3d modeling and to work in the industry?

| Hasan Bajramovic: → My name is Hasan Bajramovic and I’m a freelance character artist working as an independent contractor at Blur Studio. I specialize in character modeling, sculpting, texturing, shading and rendering. I was always into arts and music and I had a thing for computers as well so it wasn’t really hard for me to develop interest for CG. It was love on first sight really…

Even though, I didn’t get to do it straight away. I was studying law at first and I just didn’t see myself doing it in the future. After a while, I quit and decided it was time for a change. I enrolled in one of the art Universities in Malaysia and I never looked back. Been doing this for 8 years now and so far its been a fun ride. I’m not going to say that have been easy… it was definitely a struggle to get to where I am right now and it still is.

| 3CA: You work as independent contractor. What you feel are the most stressing and what is for you very important to be aware of when working for bigger studios?

| H.B: → Well, even though I love my job it can be very stressful at times. Especially during crunch time and tight deadlines and there is a lot of these. Not always but every now and then you get that project that really takes a toll on you and everyone else in the team. Working as a freelancer has a few advantages. The biggest one for me is the fact that I get to organize my own time. If you don’t have problems staying at home and doing your thing it’s awesome 🙂

Just like with every job out there you have to be responsible, reliable and you really have to give it all. There’s a lot of things at stake if you fail to deliver and failing your client is never an option!

| 3CA: Where do you get inspiration from and who are your role models?

| H.B: → I’m a regular lurker over at different portfolio sites, similar to 3D Concept art and they are my main source of daily inspiration.

As for my role models, there is a couple of artists that really motivated with their works. It would take a very long time to write all of their names but if I really had to pick a few that had the biggest influence it would be Alessandro Baldasseroni, Jason Martin and James Ku.

| 3CA: As you specialize in high-resolution modeling for cinematics and games, there is a lot of attention when trying to create specific characters. But also achieving the photo-realism that is needed. Of your expertise, what is the often the challenges when making a photo-realistic model depending also on time-frame?

| H.B: → Each character has its own challenges. I find that the most difficult character to do is the really “clean” ones where you really have to pay attention to all the forms. You really can’t hide anything here.

| 3CA: Any good pieces of advice for artists and students who want to get into the business as a 3D Artist in fields like character and creature design and modeling, and going for a career in the game industry?

| Hasan Bajramovic: → Hmmm, I say just keep doing your thing. Keep at it and be your own best critic.Post works on forums and ask for feedback… when you get it learn from it and try to correct your mistakes.

I learned everything I know from forums and doing research. Build up those connections!

3D Concept Art Community thanks Hasan Bajramovic for been able to be part of this Q & A. He shares on how he started as 3D Character Artist, his road to get there and advices. Learn from your mistakes and keep at it, don’t give up!

Hasan Bajramovic – Character and texture artist

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