David Richardson – 4R7 Zmodeller Timelapse


David Richardson – 4R7 Zmodeller Timelapse

David Richardson is currently a multi-disciplined artist in the advertising and entertainment industry. He has worked in miniatures, games, advertising and education for clients in the UK . He uses Pixologic ZBrush frequently.  On this timelapse he show his workflow. He was in the beta-tester team for 4R7. He shows the power of 4R7 Zmodeller, where he shows his process from blocking out shapes and forms to the final model.

Level 1

In level one (1) of his process, he blocks out the forms and shapes, using larger forms for fitting the overall concept. He starts with the sitting area of the robot and moves along the whole concept, blocking out.

In the early stages he already starts to make holes into the geometry for later on refining and adding more resolution to those parts.

Level 2

On the level two (2), he starts adding general shapes, completing shapes from the blocked parts. Tightening parts by adding more resolution, division and creases. And changing some of the forms. He also adds more holes and additional detail.

Level 3 and 4

On his level three (3) and level  four (4), he begins to add more final details, better detail in the paneling. Additional objects to the model, like screws,bolts and different forms and holes for the final detailing.


By using the new features of 4R7, your workflow enhances in many ways. Using new features like Zmodeller, you can now work better with low polygon objects. As the Zmodeller brush is aimed toward this field, it adds more tools and features to the set of low polygon modeling. Giving more to ZBrush in to the standard methods of low polygon modeling that is used frequently in the industry. Many well known features have been added like, multiple edge loops, beveling, extruding multiple surfaces, smooth subdivision modifiers, bridging holes and surfaces.

David Richardson - 4R7 Zmodeller Timelapse

David Richardson – Digital Illustrator and Sculptor


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