Q & A with Justin Goby Fields

3D Concept Art presents an Q & A with a very talented concept artist specializing in creature, character creation, environment and props, Justin Goby Fields. He has been around for about seven (7) years working in production of short and feature films, advertisements and games. For companies like Aaron Sims Company, Imaginary Forces, Halon Entertainment, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. And finally opened the doors to his own company, Ironklad Studios. Serving the Film, Games, and Entertainment Industries.

He uses frequently his talent to make concepts and illustrations, both traditional and digital as a freelancer. He also teaches valuable know how in different workshops within the field of 3D Concept Art for games and films.

Justin Goby Fields
| 3D Concept Art: Tell us about you and how did you become interested in the art of Visual development, Concept art, Character design, and 3D modeling?

| Justin Goby Fields: → I’ve always wanted to draw and design things. In High school I badly wanted to be a comic book artist, but due to my location in the Midwest I had limited options on education. Honestly I had given up on doing anything art related for about 8 years. I was a pizza delivery driver in Illinois and I had some great friends send me a tablet and artbook called “The Skillfull huntsman”. I fell in love with it and began to pick up and draw again.

Shortly after that I went to school for a year and was lucky enough to land a internship at a small studio in Hollywood California. After that I freelanced for about 2 years and just recently I opened up an Design Studio, Ironklad Studios.

| 3CA: You have a broad expertise and you work in different fields. In your opinion, what do you think is important for an artist to keep developing himself? And keep encouraging himself to expand his expertise in different subjects?

| J.F: → I think its important to constantly push your limits, and have constant passion for what you do. I think of it as always adding a tool to the arsenal. As artists we will never stop learning.

I love that in this day and age more and more people have access to create and develop ideas on their own and get them to the public.

| 3CA: Where do you get inspiration from and who are your role models?

| J.F: → Inspiration for me is a great piece of art, or sitting in a dark theatre being transported to a different realm. I have to admit that I am in the theatre at least once a week. My first job that I loved was a movie theatre. I’ve been addicted to it ever since.

I also draw inspiration from my fellow artists in the field. as for Role models other than my fellow designers would probably be in the director seats. JJ Abrams, Jon Favreau, Irvin Kershner, Tarantino, Jackson, Cameron….. I’ve worked with a few directors so far and its always a great inspiration. I would love to give it a shot in the future but I have a lot on my plate at the moment.

| 3CA: When working with a concept, which part of your process do you think are the key points for developing your vision further? And also be able to make your vision read stronger and give it an extra punch that fulfil your vision?

| J.F: → Anytime you get to jump into 3D for a concept. Getting in there and really feeling things out. Making sure that it could work and function as an idea is the fun for me.

With the rise of 3d printers like Form1 printers our ideas can be printed and used straight on screen. Its a pretty amazing time. Usually we only print it out if the want us to print it out as at it’s the very end or our pipeline.

| 3CA: Any good advices for artists and students who want to get into the business as a 3D Artist in fields like Visual development, Concept, Character, Props and Environment design?

| J.F: → Get your hands dirty! Travel, see new things, and experiment! Use things in ways they aren’t supposed to be used. Break the norm and play!

Justin Goby Fields – Concept designer, Creature and Character Artist

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