Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2014

They were a lot of surprises in Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2014. Many of them were regarding the upcoming 4R7 version of ZBrush, with the new and very interesting hard surface features. Also the the ongoing work with the 64-bit version and the integration with Keyshot with a nice price tag added to it. Even though it’s the Keyshot HD that will be bundled with 4R7, it will do a pretty good job for personal work as they are some limitations.The ZBrush Bridge and KeyShot package will be offered at an MSRP of $349 with a introductory pricing of $249. Pixologic have announced that ZBrush 4R7 will be the last 32-bit version and the last series of Zbrush 4.

Many of the presentations from different well known companies touched on a future topic, 3D printing with ZBrush. The summit for 2014 gave also much more than anticipated, with presentations and interviews from very talented artists like Danny Williams, Raphael Grassetti, Dominic Qwek and many more. Showing theirs skill-set and giving appreciated advices on how-to in different topics.

As ZBrush continues growing as the top tool for digital sculpting and ¬†with the continuation of free updates, it’s a widely used tool by industry professionals. The new features gives new power to ZBrush and surely take market from other 3D packages with the 4R7. When the Zbrush 4R7 is launched is still to be announced.

Pixologic Zbrush Summit 2014

Artist presentations and interviews

Presentation: Dominic Qwek
Presentation: Vance Kovacs
Presentation: Raphael Grassetti
Presentation: Josh Herman
Presentation: Danny Williams
Interview: Dominic Qwek
Interview: Vance Kovacs
Interview: Raphael Grassetti
Interview: Josh Herman
Interview: Danny Williams

Studio presentations and interviews

Presentation: Legacy Effects
Presentation: 3DSystems/Gentle Giant Studios
Presentation: Passion
Presentation: Elastic with Max Ulichney
Presentation: Ubisoft
Presentation: Hasbro
Interview: Legacy Effects
Interview: 3DSystems/Gentle Giant Studios
Interview: Passion
Interview: Elastic with Max Ulichney
Interview: Ubisoft
Interview: Hasbro

What do you think of ZBrush Summit and the latest features of ZBrush 4R7?

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