Michael Pavlovich – Mech Helmet

Michael Pavlovich, 3D Artist.  He shows in this timelapse his sculpting techniques of a Mech Helmet design using different Hard Surface techniques in Pixologic Zbrush.

He explains:

The process behind the rough concept phase of the ZBrush Mech Helmet high-res asset. Later on the refinement stage with cleanup techniques and set of brushes to explaining the form of the refinement stage, taking pieces and rebuild them to get smooth broad of surface and refined hard edges. And last the detailing phase, as the large and medium forms are in place, the details can be sorted out.

Michael Pavlovich goes through the different process in his helmet design from concept to the full high-res asset. He explain his approach, from loose concepting forms and adding shapes in the concept process to later focus on the cleaning of the mesh.

By breaking apart the meshes into smaller, the pieces becomes more manageable and also easier to work with in later stages. He approaches this process with different numbers of techniques. Where he rebuild shapes and form to get finer lines in the mesh. And finally to detailing when he explains the different approaches and techniques when for example working with radial symmetri and mask placement for detailing.

Michael Pavlovich - Mech Helmet - Concept Sculpt
Michael Pavlovich - Mech Helmet - Refine Sculpt
Michael Pavlovich - Mech Helmet - Rebuild And Refine
Michael Pavlovich - Mech Helmet - Detailing Part 1
Michael Pavlovich - Mech Helmet - Detailing Part 2
Michael Pavlovich - Mech Helmet - Lighting in Marmoset Toolbag
Michael Pavlovich - Mech Helmet - Turntable Test

Michael Pavlovich – 3D Artist


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