Q & A with Glauco Longhi

3D Concept Art presents an Q & A with a very talented Digital Sculptor with a background in traditional sculpting, Glauco Longhi. He has been around for about eight (8) years working in a production of short and feature films, TV shows, advertisements, and collectibles. For companies like Estudio Cativeiro, Caverna Digital, Interativa Online, Origo , Studio SA and many more. He also runs his own makeup fx studio for the past 4 years but is now switching gears to the games industry.

He uses frequently his talent to make realistic pieces of art, both traditional and digital as a freelancer and also teaches valuable know-how in different workshops.

Glauco Longhi
| 3D Concept Art: Tell us a little about you and how did you become interested in the art of Creature, Character design and 3D modeling?

| Glauco Longhi: → I started my career about 8 years ago, while working for advertising studios here in Brazil. At that time, I was doing motion graphics when I discovered 3ds max. So I became interested and started studying 3d in general.

One year later, I decided to take a course related to a new software called ZBrush. That was crucial to my career and decided that I wanted to get into modeling for real. So, to improve my digital skills, I took several traditional sculpting classes and years later had the pleasure to study with Jordu Schell at his studio in CA.

I kept working for advertising studios and a little bit for movies using my traditional skills/practical fx when I decided to open my own makeup fx studio. I’ve run it for the past 4 years doing from digital concept art to complex makeups, realistic silicone sculptures and so on. By this January, I decided to switch gears and give a try to the games industry. So I’m doing freelance work by now but looking for a full-time position.

| 3CA: You are also are traditional sculptor, how have that expertise affected and contributed to your career as a Digital Sculptor?

| G.L: → The traditional is the foundation to me and I think you can clearly see that on my artwork. It helps to understand shapes and forms better, lighting, and painting. It’s much harder to paint a realistic skin in silicone or ever latex using acrylics and airbrush, so when you go to photoshop or Zbrush painting, it’s like just having fun!

| 3CA: Where do you get inspiration from and who are your role models?

| G.L: → Well, I’m always checking different art related websites to see what people are doing. I also buy a LOT of art books and I`m constantly looking at them and trying to refresh my mind and stay inspired.

There are so many artists out there that inspire me to keep doing that I can’t relate them here. But I could name a few – Jordu Schell, Rafael Grassetti, Gio Napkil, Carlos Huante, Alex Oliver, Michelangelo, and much more.

| 3CA: Creature and Character design, in your process, what do you think are the most important attributes when creating an appealing and exciting character or creature?

| G.L: → I would say personality through expressions and pose. I wanna feel what that creature is feeling/doing and react to that in some way. That’s crucial. That helps selling the idea of something real, if touches you in a way.

| 3CA:  Any good advices for artists and students who want to get into the business as a 3D Artist in fields like Creature and Character design?

| G.L: → Well, the most difficult part I think is to keep inspired and motivated. I believe in hard work so anyone that work the butt off will succeed, but it will take a while till things start to happen and you must be confident in your own career/work. So, don’t listen to the naysayers and keep moving forward. It takes time, remembers that, but as much as you work hard, it will eventually pay off. So don’t waste your time doing stuff you know it’s not worth it.

We are all in the same ocean, swimming towards the same island. There are a few people swimming faster, other started earlier but everybody will get there. If you are swimming, you will. Don’t stay at the beach 😉

3D Concept Art Community thanks Glauco Longhi for sharing his wisdom and how he started his career. Work hard and keep practicing and don’t listen to naysayers as Glauco stated in this interview. The best of all, don’t stay at the beach!

Glauco Longhi – Character Artist, Sculptor and Creature Designer

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