Carlos Ortega Elizalde – A Struck Of Luck

Carlos Ortega Elizalde, 3D artist & Graphic Designer.  In this timelapse, Carlos Ortega Elizalde shows his process from sketching to fully rendered model. Showing his block out process in Maya and his techniques on stylised character modelling.

He explains shortly his workflow for this model:

Model in Maya and rendered in FurryBall 3 by GPU. Background and touch ups in Photoshop.

Further on, after working with topology and extruding clothes. He starts to uv layout his character and rigs it. He also export the model to Mudbox for texturing and applies different techniques for texturing with both Mudbox and Photoshop.

At this stage he shows his process with lights and mood within Maya using Furryball renderer, An unbiased (GPU) renderer.

Carlos Ortega Elizalde - A Struck Of Luck Timelapse

Carlos Ortega Elizalde – 3D artist & Graphic Designer.


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