Adam Fisher – Cyberpunk Character Bust

Adam Fisher, Character artist.  He shows in this timelapse his sculpting techniques of a bionic character bust sculpt. He explains his workflow in a shortly matter in the information tab on youtube.

He explains:

The mech parts were first loosely concepted in Zbrush, then retopogized in Maya (not shown in the video) and then imported into Zbrush to add some details.

A very interesting workflow that works very good for fast concepting appealing pieces. By exporting those from zbrush for retopo, gives you a very clean mesh back to Zbrush. Also by using Zbrush for loose concepting mech parts is ideal for making complex shapes that are rather time consuming in for example 3D applications like Maya, 3Dsmax etc.etc. This workflow can be applied to many different task. He also shows some of his drapery techniques and additional techniques in detailing.

Adam Fischer - Cyberpunk Character Bust Timelapse
Adam Fischer - Cyberpunk Character Bust Timelapse - Head Polypainting
Adam Fischer - Orthographic views

Adam Fisher – Character Artist

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