Vertex 3

Ryan Hawkins Vertex 3

Ryan Hawkins is digital Artist working in Film & Video Games Industries. He has gathered together many talented artists for the current Vertex 3 which is the latest issue. Vertex is a great free ebook where you can gather information about the industry. Also about different techniques, tips and tricks and much much more… Try to donate to help Ryan Hawkins to keep that wheel going. Go and grab those!

This eBook is Free to the public currently, feel free to donate what you think it is worth and help support us to keep Vertex coming!

In this eBook you will find information ranging from modeling & texture workflows to tips on working as or with outsourcing. This eBook features articles and workflows from studios such as Blizzard Entertainment and Ubisoft as well as tips and tricks from various freelancers in the movie and video game industries. This is another must read for any artist in the entertainment industries. – Ryan Hawkins


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