Pablo Munoz Gomez Multi Eye ZTool

Pablo Munoz Gomez AKA Pablander Multi-Eye Ztool

Pable Munoz Gomez AKA Pablander, Concept artist, 3D sculptor and educator
. He made available a very interesting ZTool, the Multi-Eye ZTool for ZBrush. You can find it at his selz page as freebie. Go and check it out!

The Multi-Eye ZTool is a ZBrush Tool, build with a very simple technique that allows you to change sculpted and painted details to quickly create different types of eyes for your characters and creatures.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate and expert.

You’ll get a .RAR file that Includes:

One page PDF with a quick guide to set up the project
The Multi-Eye ZTool
A Reference video guide in HD (720) – Pablo Munoz Gomez

Multi-Eye ZTool

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