Jonas Ronnegard hard surface height and alpha brushes

Jonas Ronnegard hard surface height and alpha brushes

Jonas Ronnegard, a freelance artist and creator of ZBrush Alpha’s that are available for free and at a low price. Some of his formar brushes are for rocks and woods. He also made a huge set of 325 height/alphas in volume 1 and 350 in volume 2 that is available at his gumroad page for Quixel and Substance painter but they can be used in ZBrush, 3Dcoat, and Mudbox . Go and check it out!

Sci fi brush and alpha set for Quixel and Substance painter, 325 brushes and height/alpha maps, all 2048×2048 16bit in tiff as well as jpeg and png.

2 Video Tutorials are included
– Creating alpha/height maps from high poly to use as brush
– Customizing Alphas

PSD brushes has now also been added, converted by Brandan Lee –, Useful for use with Quixel NDO.

Preview sphere from the pictures is also included

These brushes can be used for any program that works with alphas and height maps, you can add to 3Dcoat, mudbox, ZBrush etc.

Preview video and bigger preview pictures over at –

feedback, questions, and updates at –


(free to use for commercial use)

All donations will go towards a new computer, so I can finally stream while I work and hopefully create some longer tutorials.

*Notice for Substance painter 2 users, some parts of this brush set is included in substance painter 2, for use in substance painter 2, so if you plan to use these alphas only with substance painter 2 you might want to check inside substance painter 2 if what it contains is enough for you before you buy this set.

Enjoy them and have fun creating! – Jonas Ronnegard

Hard Surface ZBrush Alpha's Vol 1 Hard Surface ZBrush Alpha's Vol 2

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