Fran Hazard – CalipersMaster Plugin for ZBrush

Fran Hazard –  CalipersMaster Plugin for ZBrush

Fran Hazard , creator of CalipersMaster plugin have done something that many artists have been dreaming of. Set scene to work in real world millimeters. Check it out and support him for his efforts.

CalipersMaster_v1 is the first public release of the Calipers plugins by Fran Picazo.

Features Included:

  • MM Scale: Set Scene to work in real world Millimeters
  • Create Scale: Create a custom Scale such as Heads
  • Restore Scale: Always can restore back to original modelling scale
  • Set Start: Set starting point for the Caliper
  • Set End: Set Ending point for the Caliper
  • Calipers Master: One single hotkey to control Set Start and End
  • Run In DIstance Mode: Create Calipers sequentially from last ending Caliper and stores the accumulated distance
  • Get Dist: To Display current Caliper measurement in scale Units
  • Total Dist: Display the accumulated distance while Run In distance mode
  • Store: Able to Store any hand drawn transpose Line
  • Stored Calipers Slider: Store up to 32 Calipers
  • Back and Forward buttons: To navigate the Stored Calipers Slider
  • Free Upgrades: New features to come very soon. Stay tune!

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