3D Concept Art + Uploading images


3D Concept Art + Uploading Images

We want to inform you in an easy manner on how to upload images to different albums in your profile.

Step 1

After you register ( you will receive an activation code) click on the link you receive in an email to activate your account. When you are logged, you will be redirect to your profile page. For uploading images, we will go through 4 steps. At beginning you will see a lot of icons. For uploading images, click on the gallery icon.


Step 2

Now that you have clicked the gallery icon. It will look the image below.


Now you are sure that you are doing right. You can see the upload button on your right.

Step 3

Click the upload button and you will see in the middle of the screen Agree to Terms of Service and a list where you have currently a project album called WIP.


Step 4

Select which project album you want upload to.


Choose the files you want to upload, don’t forget about check the Agree to Term of Service. And done! You have uploaded images to your own gallery!

(Currently under development) We will add additional attributes to the upload part, a list with ready different types of tags to that you can add to your current image, for describing additional categories, software you have use in the making of the image.

It’s a pretty simple and straight forward approach.

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