3D Concept Art + Cover Photo


3D Concept Art + Cover Photo

We are happy to announce that our developers have added the cover photo for your profiles. We will guide you through on how to add your own profile cover photo. Keep in mind that the file you choose as cover photo is no more than 1 mb big in size. Try always to web optimize your images.

Step 1

Go to your profile.


Step 2

Click on profile and then under the submenu, click on change cover photo.

Cover Photo

Step 3

Now you see that you can upload an image, the image will be shown. You can choose different modes. From Center, Top and Bottom. User the one that fits your need. Click the save button and your are done.

Cover Photo 1

Step 4

If you done right, you will see cover photo successfully added in green background color  and also your cover photo. Keep in mind that you can delete your cover photo and also change the modes at any time.


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