3D Concept Art + Share profile and artwork

3D Concept Art + Share profile and artwork

We have worked a lot with trying to make the sharing part much better. We have done some tricks for facebook sharing. As facebook often want very high resolution images for posting as standard for sharing. We may still do some other more changes in the future when it comes to the compatibility with facebook sharing. But for now we are pleased with a profile photo of 515×515 px and with max size of 350kb. As we want to optimize as much as possible for a better site performance. So here we go, we will share with you some tips and tricks for sharing your profile.

Step 1

When you are in your profile. You can now see a plus (+) below your profile photo.


Step 2

Click the plus (+) and it will extend with different social media icons. Those button are for sharing your profile for example to facebook, twitter and many more.


Step 3

If you done right, you will be be able to share your profile photo in different social medias. Keep in mind that you must upload a profile photo that is 515×515 px and max 350 kb size.


Step 4

If you have troubles to share your profile. We have a trick so it’s ensured that facebook cache updates right away. This problem occurs sometimes because facebook is updated a few times a week with new data. So to trigger the process faster we have a small trick for you.


Step 5

Copy your members link for example http://magazine.3dconceptart.com/members/3d-concept-art/ and paste it in the facebook developer debug. And press fetch new scrape information. That will ensure that your data is up to date with facebooks data.

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/


Next, there is no next. You have done it and share the joy of your profile everywhere. Don’t forget to add the profile cover photo to your profile. You can find in the submenu after clicking the profile icon. You can also check the first image in step 1, you’ll see on the left a button named change cover.


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