3D Concept Art + Social Media


3D Concept Art + Social Media

As we continue adding features of interest, this one have been around since a time ago. But we want to remind you of the social media feature. We all know the importance of social media where many artist host their own pages, channels and different blogs and websites. We believe that it’s very important to know about this. By having this feature, employers can have more ways to contact you and see more of you artwork. It makes it easy and more accessible to reach you.

Currently, you have Website, where you can put the link of your main website. Email, for easy access. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and also a custom web link of your choice where you can with ease, copy and paste the link to.

Step 1

Go to your profile.


Step 2

Click on the profile icon,


Step 3

Edit your profile and you will see several different submenus


Step 4

Go to a submenu called Social. There you have several different options of Social media, please fill in with the full link of the places you want to be shown on your profile.


Step 5

Now scroll to the bottom. And save! Done! Your profile should look similar depending on which social media you have choosen to add to your profile. Below the profile picture, you’ll see social media icons.


Also, in a upcoming update we will add a + icon in the side of  your profile picture so you can share you profile on social media.

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