3D Concept Art + Sketchfab


3D Concept Art + Sketchfab

We are happy to announce that we now are Sketchfab compatible. You can now add Sketchfab to your activity list within a few clicks. Soon you will also be able to have your own folder with your showreels and Sketchfab in one place. A visual library besides the usual video and image based library where an employer, colleagues and friends can also experience your models in a more interactive way.

Step 1

Go to Sketchfab, grab your model link, for us it means the whole link.

Example url: https://sketchfab.com/models/a3c47723229d47fea1d82a0d638f6369

Sketchfab Grab Link

Step 2

Now that you have grabbed the full link to your model. Go to activity on our site. Paste the link. It will start loading and a screen will appear with information about your model and thumbnail

Sketchfab Activity

Now you are sure that you are doing right. Click on the image on the red X, on your right side. Click and the information will disappear. Click on post update below on your right side. Done!

Step 3

If you done right, you will see the Sketchfab model window appear and that’s it. You have now successfully added Sketchfab to your activity, where everybody, the members of 3D Concept Art will be able to see it and comment on it.


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